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"Wunderbar! I know AMAZONAS from having family in Berlin, and it is simply the best freshwater magazine in the world. Can’t wait to see it in translation from an award-winning U.S. publisher."Heike Koch

"You have made me a happy man with the announcement that AMAZONAS is coming in English. I have been getting the magazine since it first appeared, and I can’t read a word of German. The pictures alone are worth the price, but a version in English will be priceless for me. I know the editor, Hans-Georg Evers, and he is a real enthusiast and always on the cutting edge with new species and breeding news every time."Ray "Kingfish" Lucas

"If AMAZONAS in English is even half as good as CORAL from the same publisher in Vermont, it will be a world beater. I keep both marine and freshwater tanks, and am really looking forward to a freshwater-only aquarium magazine."Matt Greene

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AMAZONAS is one of the world’s legendary freshwater aquarium magazines, read by tens of thousands of tropical fish enthusiasts and now available for the first time in English.

New species discoveries, awesome aquarium profiles, breeding breakthroughs, expeditions to wild tropical streams and lakes, hands-on advice and secrets to keeping a thriving, stunningly beautiful freshwater aquarium are the focus of every sumptuously printed issue.

Written by experts and illustrated with breathtaking color images, AMAZONAS is a must read for the adventuresome freshwater aquarist—a constant source of new ideas, cutting edge information and inspiration.

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Paid subscribers receive both library-quality print and FREE digital issues.

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